‘Communities of Practice’

The increasing interest in ‘communities of practice’ (CoP) among many leading organisations, such as Hewlett-Packard, Shell, DaimlerChrysler, and the World Bank, highlights a recognition by many managers of the importance of informal and emergent networks to the vitality of an organisation, coupled with the desire to encourage and direct such informal relationships and interactions toward Read more about ‘Communities of Practice’[…]

The X factor? Culture of Innovation

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, over half of innovating companies struggle with bridging the gap between innovation strategy and business strategy, flagging it as their greatest strategic challenge when it comes to innovation. That’s more than twice as many that point to any other strategic challenge. Both in literature and in research a lot of attention is Read more about The X factor? Culture of Innovation[…]

Claimed by many, integrated by few

In his PhD Dissertation titled Innovation through collaboration: Challenging the assumptions Ward Ooms put the analysis of personal proximity for forming and maintaining innovation-related university-industry collaborations centre-stage. The research shows that personal proximity – close similarity in terms of personal traits and behavioural patterns – substantially affects the whole life cycle of research collaborations. According  Read more about Claimed by many, integrated by few[…]

Member of Knowledge4Innovation

Recently, WhozNext became a member of the Brussel based Knowledge4Innovation platform. Knowledge4Innovation is an open, independent, non-profit platform with a wide variety of stakeholders including regions, cities and universities, research organisations, regions and cities, trade organisations and think tanks as well as technology platforms, small and large companies.